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Atlas 2019:
Mixed Media Installation

Lane Community College

Eugene, Oregon

An installation project that tells the story of my lifelong obsession with the printed volume and encounters with the natural world. The personal direction of the work immerses us into a discourse of how humanity and reason intersects with nature. This journey unfolds as a rich visual landscape that you can walk through and experience at different levels of scale and detail. As a new ecosystem of curated and created fragments the work seeks to make sense of the named and the found.

books / ephemera / archival inkjet prints / graphite / sculpt-a-mold / rocks / wire / wood / cardboard / gesso / acrylic / goauche / paper / tape / styrafoam / found containers / maps / plexiglas / bolts / nails / ikea legs / glues / hot glue / fixative / wire mesh / plumb bobs

Watch a short video about the installation:

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