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Mixed Media Installation: 2019

Lane Community College

Eugene, Oregon

An installation project that tells the story of my lifelong obsession with the printed volume and encounters with the natural world. The personal direction of the work immerses us into a discourse of how humanity and reason intersects with nature. This journey unfolds as a rich visual landscape that you can walk through and experience at different levels of scale and detail. As a new ecosystem of curated and created fragments the work seeks to make sense of the named and the found.

books / ephemera / archival inkjet prints / graphite / sculpt-a-mold / rocks / wire / wood / cardboard / gesso / acrylic / goauche / paper / tape / styrafoam / found containers / maps / plexiglas / bolts / nails / ikea legs / glues / hot glue / fixative / wire mesh / plumb bobs

Watch a short video about the installation:

Panel Mash-ups 
Mixed Med
ia: 2015

Wall Gallery

Oakland, CA

9 panel mash-ups recyling previous images mounted on wood panels combining drawing and mixed media.

Mixed media, archival inkjet prints, acrylic, goauche, graphite, gesso, wire and distressing.

Mixed Med
ia: 2014-15

Ntropic Studios

San Francisco, CA

As part of a group show with 2 other artists at Ntropic Studios in San Francisco, Removal was reconfigured throughout the space.


Mixed media, sculptamold, wire, wax, wood and various materials, inkjet prints, gesso and acrylic on wood.

Mixed Med
ia: 2014

Wall Gallery

Oakland, CA

Stemming from the Banff residency this work reflects material / sculptural studies. This body of work was in 3 sections, photo-panels of demolition, wire grid supporting small sculptures of mixed media and a group of varied mixed media pieces 2 and 3d in nature. 

Mixed media, sculptamold, wire, wax, wood and various materials, inkjet prints, gesso and acrylic on wood.

Banff AIR 
Individual Residency: 2013

Banff Arts Centre

Banff, Canada

The Banff campus provided a great environment for exploring new directions in my work. I began to work with wax and combine it with familiar materials and techniques. I started a concept piece utilizing a wire grid which developed into an installation I exhibited following the residency.

New Terrain and LocationsMixed Media: 2012

Wall Gallery

Oakland, CA

A re-configuration of work from New Terrain and Locations with some pieces adapted to a wall mounted presentation. In addition, 20 inkjet prints from photography of the work were mounted in a grid.

Mixed media, polystyrene, sculptamold, wire and various materials, inkjet prints.

New Terrain 
Solo Installation, Mixed Media: 2011

Design Guild SF Storefront Gallery

San Francisco, CA

Exhibition 2011:
Mixed Media Installation

I have always had a strong interest in the built environment. Not only in the

architecture and design but the construction process as well. A fascination with

all things industrial and with the demolition of old buildings informs much of my

work to date. It explores the impermanence of what we build but also sets up

questions and scenarios. A mysterious and sometimes confounding world of

recycled, destroyed and reassembled environments. An expression of the

constructed subconscious.

Site Specific Installation, Mixed Media: 2007

Albany, CA

I was given complete access to a friend's house that was going to be demolished for a new house. Using found materials at our recycling center I created a site specific installation responding to the rooms and taking over the narrative, where books are embedded into the spaces.

Books can represent many things, for me they are important objects and artifacts with endless variety. They become sculptures, totems and a documentation of specific times and places. This ephemeral work speaks to that notion of time and place, the fleeting nature of the things around us yet within them the enduring legacy of the written word.

Found books, ephemera, sand, nails, twine and construction adhesive.

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