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Biorad Laboratories

Design direction for interactive media


I spearheaded an initiative to create interactive tools for the sales and marketing teams. We designed and developed apps both natively in iOS and using the Adobe digital publishing system. Our partners included the Vancouver based agency Rival Schools for custom design and development of several apps.  

Role: Design Direction, Art Direction, UX

Designers: Diana Kollanyi, Tom Hansen


Sales Enablement Tools

We developed a series of apps for the sales teams using the Adobe DPS platform. It enabled us to do everything in-house and develop the tools using rapid prototyping working closely with the product teams and distribute the apps on our enterprise network.


These are examples of 3 different types of apps, a product demo/tour, a replication of an instrument interface that mimics the functionality so sales people can go through it with customers and a product selection tool.


Custom App for New Product Launch

We collaborated with our partner Rival Schools to create an award winning multi-faceted tool that could be used in sales meetings and distributed as a stand alone app that anyone could access. It is a product configuration tool that utilizes animations, interactive tours and AR technology to allow the user to see their configuration in a full 360 degree view and rendered in real time using Unity with the ability to make changes on the fly.

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