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Chen Design

Wydown Hotel / UC Press / Stephen Gould / Bitters + Bottles / SF Historical Society

Wydown Hotel

The Wydown Hotel in St. Helena is a boutique 12 room hotel catering to those who love design, luxury and comfort. Our team at Chen Design took a different approach to the user's experience and created 3 areas on the site curated for types of traveler, emphasizing recommendations from hotelier Mark Hoffmeister. The site also offers a unique area to explore the different aspects of the Wydown experience and what the surrounding area offers in cuisine, shops and adventures.

Role: Design Direction, UX

Designers: Kim Low, Huyen Do

Developer: Ben Falk


UC Press

UC Press came to Chen to completely reimagine their web presence. We collaborated with their team to tackle the problem of navigating through their large catalog. I led the design effort in our studio to create a fresh approach that would work seamlessly between the main site and the blog. We worked closely with their development group to create a system of templates within their CMS that gave them full control of constantly changing content, maintaining the overall coherant design language.

Role: Design Direction, UX

Designer: Bernie Briones

Developers: Ben Falk and the UC Press dev team


Stephen Gould

A global packaging and product company, Stephen Gould needed new branding and an up to date web presence. The design firm MM of Oakland designed a complete brand refresh as well as initial design concepts for the website. Chen Design took over the project and completed the design and UX. We partnered with iSpot to develop a flexible site that can be expanded and updated easily.

Role: Design Direction, UX

Designers: Kim Low, Huyen Do

Developers: iSpot


Bitters + Bottles

Bitters + Bottles, an on-going client of Chen Design came to us to revise their homepage and consult on site architecture and UX.  We brought the site more in line with their objectives, updating the visual and interaction design to be more engaging yet easy to use and understand. 

Role: Design

Developer: Ben Falk


Summer of Love

The California Historical Society came to Chen Design to create an events focused site for the Summer of Love celebrations and events in 2017. We had fun with color and design elements inspired by posters of that era. The site needed to be simple and user friendly especially on mobile and create a back-end for the society to keep updated and maintained easily. 

Role: Design Direction, UX

Designer: Kim Low

Developer: Ben Falk

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